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Hotel San Claudio
Mark de Clive-Lowe, Shigeto & Melanie Charles
Soul Bank Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 mars 2023

Revered composer, pianist, DJ and two decade-long bridge between jazz, dance and hip-hop, Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL), links up with influential drummer/producer/DJ, Shigeto and Brooklyn-based, Haitian-rooted, flautist/songwriter and Verve Records artist - Melanie Charles on Hotel San Claudio, a collaborative LP of spiritual jazz, live deconstructed beats, and a three-track set of Pharoah Sanders reinterpretations.

'Strings' speaks to the group’s love of hip-hop, with Shigeto’s Dilla-esque ‘hanging off the beat’ slap and Melanie Charles’ deft rhymes and MdCL’s sample-chops, whilst 'Kanazawa' references a love of soulful house, with Charles’ 70s disco/fusion-tipping flute solo, leading into a euphoric and climactic club outro. The warrior-themed Bushido, first heard on MdCL’s album Heritage, leans even heavier on 70s jazz fusion as MdCL’s unruly synth impulsions and Donald Byrd-leaning soul-jazz production strides the line between atmospheric and experimental. MFT showcases Charles’ jazz vocals, treated here with big reverbs and delays, affording a vast, celestial quality that stands present throughout Hotel San Claudio.

One musician the group kept circling back to as a major influence was saxophone titan and cosmic sage, Pharoah Sanders. The trio’s absorbing 2-part versioning of Sanders’ 30m-long classic ‘The Creator Has A Master Plan’ as well as his iconic ‘Love Is Everywhere’ become the centrepiece of Hotel San Claudio’s spiritually-focused, reimagined jazz core.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 The Creator Has a Master Plan 4:57 Acheter

    The Creator Has a Master Plan

  2. 2 Strings 5:25 Acheter


  3. 3 MFT 3:25 Acheter


  4. 4 Bushido 6:18 Acheter


  5. 5 Interlude (Contorni) 1:10 Acheter

    Interlude (Contorni)

  6. 6 Kanazawa 3:54 Acheter


  7. 7 Love Is Everywhere 5:21 Acheter

    Love Is Everywhere

  8. 8 Interlude (Digestivo) 0:32 Acheter

    Interlude (Digestivo)

  9. 9 The Creator Has a Master Plan Part II 6:29 Acheter

    The Creator Has a Master Plan Part II

Track List: CD

  1. The Creator Has A Master Plan (4:57)
  2. Strings (5:25)
  3. MFT (3:32)
  4. Bushido (6:19)
  5. Interlude (Contorni) (1:10)
  6. Kanazawa (3:54)
  7. Love is Everywhere (5:22)
  8. Interlude (Digestivo) (0:32)
  9. The Creator Has a Master Plan Part II (4:57)

Track List: LP

A1. The Creator Has A Master Plan (4:57)
A2. Strings (5:25)
A3. MFT (3:32)
A4. Bushido (6:19)
A5. Interlude (Contorni) (1:10)

B1. Kanazawa (3:54)
B2. Love is Everywhere (5:22)
B3. Interlude (Digestivo) (0:32)
B4. The Creator Has a Master Plan Part II (4:57)

Mark de Clive-Lowe, Shigeto & Melanie Charles

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